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Cell biology has become a very revealing field of science since the development of imaging technologies and more recent breakthroughs in fluorescent proteins, nano tagging, and high resolution imaging at the molecular level. Cell biology is the study of cells at both microscopic and molecular levels and encompasses physiological properties of cells, their structure and organelles, how they interact with their environment, their life cycle, division, and cell death. Knowing how cells work is fundamental to biological sciences and is closely connected to other areas of research, including genetics, biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology, and immunology.

LabRoots invites you to share an image or photo of a cell or cells that display an interesting characteristic or functional process. Cell biology can be both scientific and artistic. We hope you will join us in showing both sides of cell biology. Post your images and have the LabRoots community vote and comment on what maybe the winning photo. Submit early and encourage your friends to vote for your photo and share your entry. The winner for most popular entry with the most votes will be announced June 30th, 2013 and awarded a $250 Amazon Gift Card

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$250 Amazon Gift Card

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Add your entry to become eligible for voting and to win the grand prize. Depending on the contest, add your photo or video that is relevant to the specific contest you're entering. If the content of your photo or video does not align with the contest, it will be removed.


Please read the Contest Rules carefully. To enter this contest you must agree to these rules which create a contract between you and LabRoots. All participants in the contests are subject to the LabRoots terms and conditions. Any attempt to manipulate votes in any fashion can result in votes being reduced or automatic deletion of your contest entry. If the issue persists your account can be deleted from the site. Please follow the spirit of the contest.

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